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We really donít care about your position. We care about the laws. It keeps our society together. If you donít like the current situation, sorry, that is really too bad. You have three choices; learn the law so that you donít break it, work to change the laws or break it and accept the consequences without complaint. It is THAT simple. Members of this group: Lawyers, media specialists, technology directors Ė folks who are tasked with interpreting or enforcing the policies.

  Helpful Web Links
Please consider these just a start. You are encouraged to conduct your own web search.
Benedict is known as the copyright site. There is a tremendous wealth of information to be found here.

Copyright Myths
Here you will find the ten most commonly held myths of copyrights. 

Internet Law Library
A free service of the U.S. House of Representatives, this site features an exhaustive list of federal and state laws, available in full.

Library of Congress Distance Education
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act document can be found at this site.

RIAA, Colleges seek piracy fix
The universities are exploring technologies that would control illegal peer-to-peer file sharing.

New/Pending Legislation/Copyright 
This government site provides up to date information on pending legislation.

Things you may wish to consider for your report

What are the legal implications for schools and businesses that do not have safeguards in place to prevent illegal file sharing?

Why types of precautions can be taken?

Are filters a violation of personal freedom?

How much responsibility can or should be placed on the end user?

Do they have valid reasons for their position?

Are some of their ideas misguided? If so, which ones?