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About This Site What is PBL? The Quest Activities Points of View Student Projects Site Feedback References Web Links Thanks   We are the people who purchase the music. We should have the right to do with it what we please. We are allowed to tape music from the airwaves. What is the difference in taping and sharing files? Besides, we promote music by telling others. Without us there would be no record industry. WE make or break a star.
Members of this group & general goals:
Students: To get an education & have fun
Teachers: To educate students
Parents & Other school employees with access to computers: To support the school curriculum and help their students in the best way they know how.
Anyone looking for free files.
  Helpful Web Links
Please consider these just a start. You are encouraged to conduct your own web search.

Lawrence Lessig - Free Culture Presentation - Open Source Movement July 24, 2002  - 8 MB  Flash file - This is a pretty long speech but it provides excellent insight on the Free Culture philosophy.

Copyright in the Library, Fair Use
Copyright Myths
Here you will find the ten most commonly held myths of copyrights. 

Distance Learning and Other Issues
University of Texas Intellectual Property Website.

Fair Use Information
Stanford University's Library links on Copyrights.

Multimedia Fair Use
There are legal ways to use copyrighted materials. Here is a way for you to see if you are adhering to the guidelines.

Things you may wish to consider for your report

Who is the typical end user?

What are the opinions of the typical end user?

What types of files to they share (e.g. music, software, etc) and why?

Do they have valid reasons for their position?

Are some of their ideas misguided? If so, which ones?

What does the open source movement say about sharing files and its impact on creativity?