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About This Site What is PBL? The Quest Activities Points of View Student Projects Site Feedback References Web Links Thanks   We are in the business to create and express ourselves through our work. We reserve the right to profit from our labors. We reserve the right to give our work away should we see fit. It is not the place of business or the end user to tell us what we should do with our work. Without us, there would be no industry.

 Members of this group & possible goals:
Artists: To express themselves creatively and to create end products
Designers:- To support the artists work
Musicians: To develop music
Software designers: To create software

  Things you may wish to consider

Do all artists agree on Napster or other peer to peer file sharing programs?

What is your opinion of record companies and the business community?

Do they have valid reasons for their position?

Are some of their ideas misguided? If so, which ones?

Helpful Web Links
Please consider these just a start. You are encouraged to conduct your own web search.

Quotes about Napster
USA Today Artist Quotes on Napster
The sites above list some quotes on Napster. You may wish to conduct your own search for the most up to date data.

Peer to peer file sharing
How Stuff Works How the Old Napster Worked
Click these links to learn exactly how file sharing works.

Peer to peer file sharing since Napster
Georgia State Law student
Magdalena Heim-Smith's paper provides an overview of current file sharing legislation.