Working through the web site is simple. There are 14 units that can be started in any order. However, if you are new to word processing then Lesson One is the place for you to begin.

There are 5 sections.

Section 1: The Pre-test
This gives you a chance to see what you already know about word processing. It can help you decide where to start.

Section 2: The Videos
Each lesson will guide you through the steps of a word processing skill.

  • First, you will watch a demonstration.
  • Next, you will have a chance to test what you have learned with a Quick Quiz
  • Then, you will have some hands on practice. Mega Byte the mouse will let you know when it is time for you to try.
  • Last, you will be prompted to download the lesson document onto your computer. You can click on the button within the video or use the link at the bottom of the video file on the page itself. Save the document to the designated place on your hard drive. Be sure to ask your teacher first.

There are playback tools at the bottom of each video file that will allow you to review a step if you wish. You can also use them to skip ahead a frame. Please note that this can affect the video's sound.

Section 3: Games
The games are designed to help you learn word processing terms. You can use these as a break in between lessons. You will find Hangman, Matching and a Crossword Puzzle

Section 4: Exercises
Sometimes you may not have a chance to complete your lesson practice in the same session as watching the video. All of the lesson documents have been included on this page so you may return to the exercise without having to watch the video again. When you are ready, click the lesson document download button to download the file into your word processor or save the file to a designated section of the hard drive. Ask your teacher about this first.

Section 5: The Posttest
When you have completed all of the activities, take the posttest. This along with your printed activities will help you KNOW that you have mastered the art of processing words.

Click Here to begin the Pre-test