Door Prizes & Job Aids

file downloads are provided as is without warranty either expressed or implied. All files have been virus scanned; however, for your own protection, you should scan these files again (as you should for any file downloaded from the internet.) All items were created by the Divas and may be freely distributed. Enjoy!

Door Prizes
Leadership Screen Saver 1.02 MB .exe file
A self-executing screen saver complete with motivational quotes from famous leaders.

Matching Leadership Wallpaper Collection 466 KB Zip
Download the screen saver posters for use as computer wallpapers. The file contains 11 images zipped for easy download.

Motivational Leadership Posters 1.7 MB Zip
A collection of printable posters for sharing with others. All items are in Adobe Acrobat - PDF format and have been zipped for you convenience. If you need Acrobat Reader click the icon below  


Job Aids
Home to School Digital Connection 300 KB Acrobat - PDF
A Handy Guide For Educators and Community Leaders. Created by the VSU Innovators.

Technology Skills Assessment Surveys
Feel free to copy and use these surveys. They are wonderful tools for assessing technology skills and planning instruction.

Louise Hay's Student Skills Assessment
You can copy and paste the source code for this survey. Be sure to adjust the code for the submit button.

Sabrina Sterling's Teacher Technology Skills Assessment
Copy and use the questions in your own page. If you join Quia, this page can be copied into your account. The survey questions come from the U.S. Department of Education's Publication
Educator's Guide to Evaluating the Use of Technology in Schools and Classrooms, 1998
Publication ID: ERJ0031P  Education ID: ORAD 1999-1200
which can be ordered online at .